About Bougie Butta

Bougie Butta LLC is a company that focuses on further improving your self-love and self-care through high-quality luxury body care products formulated without Parabens or Harsh Chemicals and Cruelty-Free. We are dedicated to your well being and are constantly guided by this commitment.

Each ingredient is carefully selected to enhance and provide therapeutic healing to your skin.  We strive to use pure essential oils, organic and unrefined ingredients. We extensively research and evaluate our ingredients—both natural and non-toxic-to-skin alternatives—for purity, efficacy and safety. 

Our products are made in small batches in California. Bougie Butta LLC was founded by Gwendolyn Jones, and her love for aromatherapy, natural products and self care.

Below is a story about our owner and how Bougie Butta was created.

Hi, I wanted to take a minute and introduce myself. My name is Gwendolyn Jones, and I am the creator/ owner of Bougie Butta! In 2015 I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (cancer of the lymphodes) and had to undergo chemotherapy . Well let me tell you, the doctors explain all of the major side effects from the chemo treatment but they failed to mention how DRY and Scaly my skin would be. I was in desperate need of a product that was all natural and soothes my chapped skin and kept me moisturized. That was when I started creating my own body butters and sugar scrubs to heal my skin. I am now 4 years cancer free (Amen) and decided that now is the time to share my amazing, healing products with everyone.